Broken Arrow Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care

Broken Arrow Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care

At Heart for Seniors Home Healthcare, we understand the multitude of emotions that can accompany a Dementia of Alzheimer’s diagnosis. When your loved one is diagnosed with one of these scary diseases, it is hard to know how to proceed. One of the most important things you can do when caring for an individual with Alzheimer’s or Dementia is to ensure their safety.


Unfortunately, this often requires them to move to a healthcare facility, removing them from the comfort of their home and familiar surroundings. We have seen the adverse effects that this move can cause to an individual’s cognitive abilities and emotional health as they attempt to navigate an already complex diagnosis.


Our team of Broken Arrow Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care professionals can provide your loved one with a high quality of life, ensuring their safety at all times. With the help of an in-home health caregiver, your loved one can continue to navigate their daily routine in the comfort of their own home, something that can significantly impact their mental and emotional health!

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Professional Broken Arrow Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care Services

Both Dementia and Alzheimer’s are complex diseases, requiring a certain level of care and attention. Without proper training on the effects of these conditions, caregivers are often unable to provide the physical, mental, and emotional care that your loved one deserves.


At Heart for Seniors Home Healthcare, we specialize in caring for individuals in various Alzheimer’s or Dementia stages. Our caregivers are trained in providing the focused care and attention your loved one deserves, allowing them to remain safely within the comfort of their home for as long as possible. By providing a high quality of life, our team of in-home caregivers helps individuals of all ages remain healthy and happy despite their cognitive condition.


While your loved one may require simple supervision at the onset of their disease, it is essential to provide them with access to additional in-home care services as their condition progresses. There are several Dementia and Alzheimer’s care services that we offer at Heart for Seniors Home Healthcare, including the following:

Broken Arrow Alzheimer’s & Dementia Companion Services

Companion services are often the first step in in-home care for individuals who have Alzheimer’s or Dementia. During this phase of care, our caregivers build trust with your loved one, providing them with both supervision and company. At the onset of their condition, your loved one may be able to maintain their daily routine without much assistance. Partnering with a caregiver from Heart for Seniors Home Healthcare during this time provides you with the comfort of knowing that your loved one is safe and healthy at all times.

Broken Arrow Alzheimer’s & Dementia Personal Care Services

Personal hygiene is often the first thing to suffer when an individual is diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Personal care services cater to the individual’s unique needs and abilities, always looking for ways to encourage independence in daily tasks.


An in-home caregiver from Heart for Seniors Home Healthcare can assist your loved one with tasks such as dressing, bathing, eating, exercising, or using the bathroom. Completing these simple tasks each day can go a long way in preserving your loved one’s independence and mental health.

Broken Arrow Alzheimer’s & Dementia Homemaker Services

One of the most time-consuming tasks of caring for someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s is keeping up with household chores and responsibilities.  A professional caregiver from Heart for Seniors Home Healthcare can assist with household chores such as shopping, meal preparation, laundry, or light housekeeping.


Through these services, your loved one can enjoy the comfort of a clean living space while providing you with the ability to enjoy your time together free of chores.

Broken Arrow Alzheimer’s & Dementia Skilled Nursing Services

There may come a time when your loved one requires skilled nursing care. At Heart for Seniors Home Healthcare, we can provide your loved one with various professional nursing services in the comfort of their own home. A skilled nursing caregiver can efficiently complete services such as wound care, IV therapy, blood tests, visual assessments, and more.

Broken Arrow Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Customized for Your Loved One

At Heart for Seniors Home Healthcare, we understand that each client is unique. Primarily following a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or Dementia, your loved one must maintain as much independence as possible. While traditional care suggests that a diagnosis necessitates a life spent in a nursing home, we disagree.


The Heart for Seniors Home Healthcare team is passionate about providing in-home care services that are affordable, dependable, and customized to the individual’s unique needs. We work to create a plan of care that increases the quality of life while ensuring your loved one’s safety and health at all times.


Our team understands the complexity of an Alzheimer’s or Dementia diagnosis. We are dedicated to partnering with our clients’ families, offering information and education on services that will benefit everyone involved.


Whether you are in the early stages of navigating a complex diagnosis or merely looking for a more reliable in-home care provider, Heart for Seniors Home Healthcare is ready to partner with you! With over 35 years of experience, our team has the experience and training your loved one deserves as they embark on this new phase of life.

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Finding a Broken Arrow Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care Provider

The Heart for Seniors Home Healthcare team considers it a privilege to walk alongside families in and around Broken Arrow as they seek to provide their loved ones with the best care possible. While we understand that seeking outside care may be an intimidating task, our team takes great care to make the transition seamless and streamlined for everyone involved.


In addition to Dementia & Alzheimer’s care services, our team also offers Parkinson’s Care, Respite Care, Companion Care, Personal Care, Chronic Disease Care, VA Benefits Assistance, Medication Management services, etc. Whatever the needs of your loved one, we will work to provide you with customized in-home care solutions that are both affordable and dependable.


Are you interested in learning more about Broken Arrow Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care? Contact our team today for more information!

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